Alongside develops and implements education programs for partners and families of frontline personnel at recruitment and point of need throughout career. Based on best practise research and vocational knowledge, these programs aim to increase the capacity and resilience of partners and families resulting in better communication and bridging the gap between work and home.

Working in collaboration with frontline representatives and mental health experts, modules will be implemented at relevant points of need throughout service. Across Emergency Services the education modules will occur in line with recruit schools and critical incident aftermath, whilst Defence implementation is centred around post-ins and deployments.

Reach Out Groups

Alongside hosts fortnightly Reach Out groups across Australia, providing a strong community for partners and families of Defence and Emergency Services personnel. Reach Out groups allow connection with people who understand the challenges frontline lifestyle can bring, from shiftwork and overtime through to relocations, mental health difficulties and PTSD.

Reach Out groups are hosted by a volunteer with training in Mental Health First Aid. Although not a counselling service, the groups have been created with the intent to provide respite and empowerment for partners.


Alongside provides a consolidated advocacy service of advice and information about where to seek the correct support. Alongside is a confidential external service, bridging the gap in support for partners and families, linking them with the relevant organisations specific to their needs. Through education and awareness Alongside continues to normalize the conversation around mental health on the frontline.


Alongside’s presence across Australia provides a sense of community and support for partners and families of personnel. Wherever you are posted in Australia, Alongside is there to assist with the unique needs that can come with frontline service.

Through social functions, fundraising events and Reach Out group activities Alongside gives back to those who stand beside our frontline personnel.